[OpenLayers-Dev] Creating a new custom layer, extending FixedZoomLevels

Eric Peterson epeterso2 at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 17:29:31 EDT 2007


I'm relatively new to the OpenLayers code base, and it does exactly what I need for a particular application I'm writing. For that application, I need to provide some custom interfaces beyond the ones currently supported by the Layers class. I thumbed through the online documentation for OL for how to proceed, but I couldn't find the info I was looking for.

I have a need to interface with two different mapping systems with proprietary interfaces. One is similar to Google Maps, the other is similar to WMS.

For the WMS interface, I have currently written a servlet that maps incoming WMS calls into calls to my proprietary API. However, I would like to have OL speak directly to my API and avoid having to provide that service. It is extremely similar in functionality to the WMS interface, so my plan was to copy the WMS.js code and modify it for my needs.

For the Google-like API, it seems like a good approach would be to extend FixedZoomLevels. However, I don't know exactly what methods I need to provide or what their behavior needs to be. I tried to compare the Google.js methods to the FixedZoomLevels.js interface described in the FZL headers, but it didn't seem consistent ... am I just missing something?

Are there any links to any tutorials on how to write a new layer?

Thanks ...


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