[OpenLayers-Dev] Different lon and lat map resolution (and other issues)

Tim Schaub tschaub at openplans.org
Fri Nov 2 11:43:00 EDT 2007


Just a quick note to say I understand your frustration.  However, we all 
have lots of work to do - and it doesn't make sense to allow 
modifications willy-nilly.

(or http://tinyurl.com/3yvr56 if you like)

The above link shows the current patches awaiting review.  Now, I can't 
speak for others, but I generally don't take on patch review unless:

1) a ticket really makes sense to me
2) the ticket has a single (obvious unified diff) patch for review
3) the patch includes some tests

It's probably best if your idea gets some air time.  If there are others 
that are interested in it, then the issue likely deserves some 
attention.  If nobody else wants the modification, then it's probably 
not suited for the library.

If there is interest from others (replies to the list, comments on the 
patch), then it would probably make sense to add some tests and make a 
single patch for your modification.  And yes, if it doesn't apply to the 
trunk, it is even less likely to get reviewed.


Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> Hi,
> I submitted new patch set to #889 [1], which implements different pixel
> resolutions in x and y direction. The patches should work with *current*
> version of OpenLayers.
> I would also like to ask several questions:
>  - when approximately the patch will be added to trunk, or 
>  - when approximately will be decided, this will/will not happen
>  - what else can I / do I have to do for, the patch will be accepted or
> definitely declined
>  - do I have to prepare fresh patches let say every week, so they are
> still usable for current OpenLayers, or is it enough, post them once,
> the project managers will update them by themselves? 
> Now, I did 3rd version of the patch, till now, there was even no
> discussion, if the patch should/should not/should under some conditions
> be accepted/declined. 
> Sorry, if this sounds rude - this e-mail is not to be understood as
> blame. It is just little bit frustrating: If the people are asking for
> new features, most general answer is "patches are welcomed". If the
> patches are there, nobody wants them. Or, so it looks at least from
> here. That is, why I'm asking about the mechanisms of patch
> acceptation. 
> Thanks
> Jachym
> [1] http://trac.openlayers.org/ticket/889
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