[OpenLayers-Dev] RFC: Archiving PSC Votes

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Oct 12 08:15:54 EDT 2007

I agree that this is a minor issue, and I agree that the information  
is available by searching the archives.  However, searching the  
archives to get a summary of what was voted on is neither trivial nor  
convenient for most people.  For me, I would find it difficult to  
figure out what the PSC had voted on and what the result was.

Should we care?  I think we should because this promotes the openness  
of the PSC to the community and I will volunteer to do the grunt work  
if necessary, but I think the onus is on the PSC member who brings an  
issue to vote to record it somewhere.


On 10-Oct-07, at 11:12 AM, Erik Uzureau wrote:

> In the thread "RFC: Resolution to only change License with Unanimous
> Vote" , Paul Spencer has brought up the idea of making a section on
> the WIKI to keep a public record of RFC's and also the Votes of the
> PSC on issues of importance.
> So far, we've seen people on both sides of the fence with this issue.
> Some people think it's important, whereas others think it is maybe a
> waste of time. Luckily, noone seems to be particularly opposed to the
> idea, the reservations expressed to this point seem to indicate only a
> wariness at the overhead.
> Instead of convoluting the other thread with that discussion, I'd like
> it to continue here in a new thread.
> I see this as a rather minor issue: as per hobu's suggestion at the
> pow-wow in Victoria, all PSC votes will now be held publicly on the
> dev list, so the idea of registering them does not imply a compromise
> on anyone's privacy. It seems to me to only be a question of who is
> really willing to do the work and whether we think that would be time
> well spent.
> Please, if you have opinions on this, voice them here, now.
> Erik
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