[OpenLayers-Dev] RFC: Archiving PSC Votes

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 15:44:06 EDT 2007

I guess there are different levels of importance for things that are 
voted on.
For a major design change, or large functionality addition, where 
someone is prepared to write up a RFQ to describe it, the extra effort 
to record the decision at the bottom of the RFQ is relatively minor. Eg: 
"Passed by PSC vote" or "Blocked by Joe Blogs during PSC vote who said 
...". I'm happy with this.
It would be more effort to fill in a table ticking off the votes for the 
15 or so PSC members. While I can see value in this, I don't think the 
value outweighs the annoyance factor this will introduce.

In defining a process, each task should have a person responsible for 
the task. So we should define the person who is going to record the 
votes. Ideally it should be a role, not a person who might leave the 
project. Eg: The person raising the RFC should also record the vote.

For minor PSC votes, like "should we release or not", I'm not sure that 
this warrants the effort of transcribing from email to wiki table. If we 
had a voting web tool, which collected PSC member votes via a one click 
process, then I'll be 100% behind the proposal. (And I'll copy the 
process over to Mapbuilder too).

Paul Spencer wrote:
> I agree that this is a minor issue, and I agree that the information  
> is available by searching the archives.  However, searching the  
> archives to get a summary of what was voted on is neither trivial nor  
> convenient for most people.  For me, I would find it difficult to  
> figure out what the PSC had voted on and what the result was.
> Should we care?  I think we should because this promotes the openness  
> of the PSC to the community and I will volunteer to do the grunt work  
> if necessary, but I think the onus is on the PSC member who brings an  
> issue to vote to record it somewhere.
> Paul
> On 10-Oct-07, at 11:12 AM, Erik Uzureau wrote:
>> In the thread "RFC: Resolution to only change License with Unanimous
>> Vote" , Paul Spencer has brought up the idea of making a section on
>> the WIKI to keep a public record of RFC's and also the Votes of the
>> PSC on issues of importance.
>> So far, we've seen people on both sides of the fence with this issue.
>> Some people think it's important, whereas others think it is maybe a
>> waste of time. Luckily, noone seems to be particularly opposed to the
>> idea, the reservations expressed to this point seem to indicate only a
>> wariness at the overhead.
>> Instead of convoluting the other thread with that discussion, I'd like
>> it to continue here in a new thread.
>> I see this as a rather minor issue: as per hobu's suggestion at the
>> pow-wow in Victoria, all PSC votes will now be held publicly on the
>> dev list, so the idea of registering them does not imply a compromise
>> on anyone's privacy. It seems to me to only be a question of who is
>> really willing to do the work and whether we think that would be time
>> well spent.
>> Please, if you have opinions on this, voice them here, now.
>> Erik
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