[OpenLayers-Dev] KML Styling

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 03:16:44 EDT 2007

Is any of the code you have written worth rolling back into the 
Openlayers codebase?

Alternatively, do you have suggestions regarding how we should handle 
KML style support in Openlayers.

Lance Dyas wrote:
> I too am interested in this development.
> I have done development using the Google Maps API
> they have an API provided KML parser which allowed
> inadequate user control and features.. And the available
> third party parser was also innadequate to any real kml.
> particularly style handling.(as well as other features)
> Here are some of the complexities I ran into
> involving KML Styles
> 1) Inline Styles (easiest part)
> 2) StyleMaps (may define hover events)
> 3) Cascading Styles
> 4) Referenced Styles (can even be in a different document - though 
> that part might not be worth implementing)
> Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> Tomorrow, I'd like to get Roald enhancing OpenLayers KML support and 
>> would like to make sure we are not covering old ground.
>> Is the KML code in the trunk of Openlayers the most recent, or does 
>> someone have a sandbox with some more development.
>> Am I right in understanding that KML styles are not passed by 
>> Openlayers yet? If not, I was thinking this is an issue we would like 
>> to look into. Otherwise, I'm open to suggested alternative KML 
>> related development. Feel free to ping me or Roald on IRC to discuss 
>> implementation details.

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