[OpenLayers-Dev] Ticket #1666

Stefano Bonnin stefano.bonnin at comai.to
Wed Dec 3 05:16:38 EST 2008

VR26A ha scritto:
> @Stefano Bonnin
>> What's the correct mailing list for getting information about ticket 
>> #1666 progress?
> You can refer to the thread:
> http://n2.nabble.com/-1666---One-Single,-Mother-Of-All-Vector-Layers-td1340452.html
> I am the one who is using this patch. IE actually has more problem than I
> posted previously:
> 1. the evt.target is not work in IE, IE support evt.srcElement only
> solution: you can make use of prototype.js event model to simplify your code
> (Wrapped by OpenLayer.Event)
> beware the IE support DOM Level 2 event poorly.
> 2. if you add the feature once, IE work ok; but if you get the feature from
> a rendered layer, the mother layer cannot hold the correct position when you
> move the map or zoom. 
> The solution I found is tricky: detach the sub-tree of the lowest group of
> each rendered layer (root is group) to the mother layer*. Features needed be
> kept in their source layer, and every feature VML element need to have a
> additional groupName other than the featureId to tell the event handler
> where to go to find the feature for event processing. (groupName->source
> Layer (slayer)->feature = slayer.getFeaturebyId(featureId))
> * the tree detaching is for VML engine only, SVG will have problems about
> this. (Canvas is unkown, but it should similar to SVG)
> 3. After fixing the position, the z-order come to be a problem: the layer
> disappear after certain zoom-ins. 
> ***No solution***
> Hope it help
> Matthias Pohl wrote:
>> @Stefano Bonnin
>>> What's the correct mailing list for getting information about ticket 
>>> #1666 progress?
>> this list should be ok.
>> OL-Wiki: http://trac.openlayers.org/ticket/1666
>> We know about the IE issues and tried to fix some JS bugs in IE but with
>> only limited success. The patch works fine with firefox. When we have
>> some spare time, we will give IE debugging another try.
>> Regards, Matthias
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>> Dev at openlayers.org
>> http://openlayers.org/mailman/listinfo/dev
thanks for help.
For now, I'll use this feature only on FF :-)
I think that a complete solution will take a lot of time.

Stefano Bonnin
Comai Torino Srl

Stefano Bonnin
Comai Torino S.r.l
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