[OpenLayers-Dev] Sandbox Request for Localisation Changes

Robert Leverington robert at rhl.me.uk
Wed Apr 22 17:25:09 EDT 2009


Having spent some time discussing the prospect of Translatewiki.net
localising OpenLayers with Schuyler, we have developed a brief project
plan. To publish our translations we would like to have access to a
sandbox that we can commit to enabling us to update translations on a
timely basis.

My account on the OpenLayers Trac is 'roberthl'.

Currently we have the following project timeline, for anyone who is interested:
    - This weekend I will create a module for the localisation engine
to allow OpenLayers to be translated.
    - Next week, after testing, translating OpenLayers will be enabled
on Translatewiki.net.
    - After another week has past all translations will be exported
and committed to the sandbox wiki.
    - Schuyler will be notified and commit the changes to the trunk repository.
    - The translation export\commit cycle will then be repeated on a
roughly fortnightly basis.

See my previous e-mail for a more detailed outline.

Thank you,
Robert Leverington

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