[OpenLayers-Dev] help with unregistring Layer.Text "markerClick" event

Julio RENELLA julio.renella at exyzt.fr
Thu Apr 23 12:44:13 EDT 2009

Hi everybody !

Please, can someone help me to find a solution (if possible) for this 
problem :

At this time, I have a map with only one event (the mouse-click) in 
order to produce
a popup info of a place (thanks to the coordinates I pick through the 
mouse-click event).

Now I need to insert a TEXT layer (maybe many of you doesn't use it 
since long time)
with it's own markers.

The problem is that I would like to keep my first event (mouse-click) 
over the "markerClick"
event of the Text layer... Better, I would like to unregister (or 
forbid) this "markerClick" event.

Do you think it's possible to do such a thing ?
Or maybe it can't be done beaucause the Text layer wasn't made for this 
kind of use... ?

An alternative can be replacing the Text layer by a GML layer. This way 
I don't disrupt
the event that I need... But only in the case that my problem do not 
have solution !

Can someone help me with an advice ?

Thanks !!!

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