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David Zwarg dzwarg+ol_dev at avencia.com
Wed Apr 29 17:34:27 EDT 2009

Hello Christian,

This is a good place to start if you want to contribute to OpenLayers:

It looks like you have some really good ideas about how the ArcXML format
could be improved already (and it looks like you know your way around the
code), so I would suggest getting on the OpenLayers trac, creating an
account, and start opening tickets.  The basic procedure is:

   1. File a ticket.
   2. Create a patch, with tests
   3. Set the patch to review
   4. Nag some OpenLayers trunk committer

I can help with specific bug fixes to the ArcXML format in the near term,
but my work implementing the rest of the spec won't happen immediately (it's
a large spec).

I hope this helps,

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 5:28 AM, <stegch at web.de> wrote:

> Hello David Zwarg,
> it would be great, if the functionality of the renderers could be
> expanded.
> If it is a bug, the missing declaration for "symbol[key]" in line 560
> in ArcXML.js should be added soon.
> Moreover I don't understand these lines in ArcXML.js (lines 683-688):
> for (var i=0, len=keys.length; i<len; i++) {
>  var key = keys[i];
>  if (symbol[key]) {
>  selem.setAttribute(key, renderer[key]);
>  }
> }
> "selem.setAttribute(key, symbol[key]);" makes more sense, doesn't it?
> Generally I would be interested in full ArcXML support for all
> further types of renderers (valueMapLabel, simpleLabel and valueMap).
> What do you think, would it be possible to write all symbols and
> attributes in arrays as you did with "fontStyleKeys" (line 27-30)?
> Otherwise you always check the type of each attribute, but ArcIMS
> makes no difference and you can only use attributes you have
> mentioned in your code, for example:
> if (typeof exact.symbol.width == "number") {
>  selem.setAttribute("width", exact.symbol.width);
> }
> I don't see any problem, if you allow the usage of every attribute
> for every symbol, because you have to know ArcXML anyway if you work
> with ArcIMS - you have to know which symbols or attributes can be
> combined.
> Unfortunately I'm not familiar with OpenLayers, so can you tell me
> how I can contribute to OpenLayers?
> Thank you for your help.
> Best regards,
> Christian Steger
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>  *Betreff:* Re: [OpenLayers-Dev] ArcXML support
> Hello,
> The ArcXML implementation is incomplete, yes. I wrote it to support
> basic thematic mapping, and I can add other renderers as folks need
> them. Although, it looks like you added a simple renderer below --
> probably filing a patch would be the fastest way to get it in to
> ArcXML.
> It's definitely possibly to send ArcXML directly to ArcIMS, although
> I would like to see more of the spec implemented in the format itself
> first.
> -Zwarg
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