[OpenLayers-Dev] Text label halos ready for testing

james croft james.r.croft at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 04:29:43 EST 2010

This patch has greatly improved the readability of the labels on a project
that I'm working on, thanks.  Hope it makes it into core.

On 24 December 2010 09:11, Roald de Wit <list at rdewit.net> wrote:

> Hi list,
> I've created a patch that introduces a new feature: label halos for vector
> features (See [1]). It helps making text labels readable on all backgrounds.
> There is now a request to include having a background with border around
> the text as well [2]. I'm happy to have a look at this over the X-mas break,
> but I'd like to get some feedback from the core devs first whether or not
> the initial patch is the way to go, especially wrt the VML implementation.
> When you have a spare few minutes, could you please have a look at the
> patch and comment on it?
> Thanks,
> Roald
> [1] http://trac.osgeo.org/openlayers/ticket/2965
> [2] http://trac.osgeo.org/openlayers/ticket/2965#comment:5
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