[OpenLayers-Dev] using wrapDataLine in Markers layer

Phil Scadden p.scadden at gns.cri.nz
Tue Jul 17 14:14:34 PDT 2012

|   Is this a code problem or an OpenLayers issue?

The dateline is major pain in the butt. With your combination, I would say firstly, make sure you are using OL 2.12 and Geoserver 2.1.2. Geoserver data should always be tiled with a tiling scheme that breaks on the 180. (We use 900912 so can overlay with google maps and that works fine). Living in NZ, its a nightmare that just goes on and on. At least geoserver and OL make a decent effort though there are still hoops to go through.

I have never used a marker layer - always stuck to server layers. Some particular reason for using markers? You may have to use firebug to work through what OL is doing to the coordinates.

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