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#3419: Tile simplifications and partial rewrite
 Reporter:  ahocevar  |       Owner:  ahocevar    
     Type:  feature   |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  minor     |   Milestone:  2.12 Release
Component:  Tile      |     Version:  2.10        
 Keywords:            |       State:  Review      

Comment(by erilem):

 Replying to [comment:21 ahocevar]:
 > Thanks a lot for the review Eric.  I agree with your suggestions, so if
 you could create a new patch that would be great. Just one note: I had
 changed imgDiv to image already in one of the #3061 patches, but decided
 to not do it in #3419. Even if it's not an API property, people may be
 relying on it, and we use it in hundreds of test assertions as well. But I
 won't object if you want to make this change.

 No, I agree with you.

 > Also I seem to remember that I had something like (singleTile & 1) |
 ((indexOf() !- -1) & 2) in a previous iterations and it did not work as
 expected. But if you can add test cases that would be great.

 I'll give it a try.

 > Regarding the image loading icons: I saw them in FF5 as well and did not
 find a way to get rid of them so far. I'd say I'll wait for your updated
 patch, and then give this another look.


 > Also, now that r12185 was reverted, we need to set the initial opacity
 when creating a tile. I can add this after your new patch as well.

 Sounds good.

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