[osgeo4w-dev] setup in svn and improved a bit

Jason Fournier jfournier at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Feb 29 08:11:11 EST 2008

Hi Frank,

I've downloaded and executed osgeo4w_setup.exe.  I opted to install
everything in the list.  The installation went smoothly and was intuitive.
Once complete I opened the OSGeo shell and attempted to run shpproj.exe.  I
received the following message:

The system cannot execute the specified program.

I have verified that OSGeo4W\bin is in my PATH.  If I navigate to the bin
dir I receive the same message:

The system cannot execute the specified program.

Prior to installation I performed a search for MSVCR90.DLL and could not
find a copy (although I'm not entirely confident about Windows' search

Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Best regards,

> I've also packaged shapelib, and avce00 today.  The shapelib was built
> with VC9 Express as a proof of concept.  I'd appreciate it if someone with
> an older system lacking the MSVCR90.DLL installed could try installing
> shapelib, and confirming that "shpproj.exe" gives a usage message at the
> OSGeo4W commandline.

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