[osgeo4w-dev] where does osgeo4w-setup keep the state of installed/uninstalled apps?

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Mon May 19 05:44:32 PDT 2014

I need to completely uninstall QGIS from a machine. Having had problems
with the removal from osgeo4w-setup (a lot of stuff remaining around), I've
decided to remove everything manually:

 - Osgeo4W/bin/qgis stuff
 - Osgeo4W/apps/qgis
 - myuser/.qgis2
 - osgeo4wcache/release/qgis
 - QGIS references in the system registry

and finally I thought I should have removed the lines from osgeo4w-setup's
Running osgeo4w-setup.exe I was surprised to see QGIS still flagged as
installed. Where does osgeo4w-setup keep the state of installed/uninstalled
applications? What else should be done to remove completely QGIS from
osgeo4w-setup's tracking?


Giovanni Allegri
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_giohappy_
blog: http://blog.spaziogis.it
GEO+ geomatica in Italia http://bit.ly/GEOplus
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