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(Orkney)Toru Mori moritoru @ orkney.co.jp
2008年 12月 15日 (月) 22:10:48 EST


のHiroo Imakiさんから、下記のメールをいただきました。


この開発は、Laval Universityの研究プロジェクトの中で進められているのですが、
PostGISのソースコードに精通しているSandro Santilliも開発プロジェクトに参加








I am currently working for NOAA Fisheries in Seattle, WA. I am a GIS 
specialist to support pacific salmon conservation. I am a Japanese but my 
office machine does not have Japanese capability, so please forgive me to 
use English.

A few days ago one of my GIS related friend sent me a message about PosGIS 
raster capability. You may already know this movement to develop raster 
capability in PostGIS but one guy has just started to write program. But 
he and his co-worker are not well funded and their progress is slow. Then 
they started to ask some more fund to get them going. I really want to see 
raster capability within PostGIS and start sending message to people who 
use or are intereste in open source GIS. I personally use PostGIS and QGSI 
for my work and love them. Especially PostGIS. So, I wanted to try to 
cantact with you. If you know somebody who may have some funds to support 
them, please let me know or directly contact them.  I attached a message I 
got from my friend below.

I am always interested in how Japanese people use open source GIS and 
checking your company's website and OSGeo Japan. I think it would be 
really cool if some of Japanese can support this movement.

My message is getting long so I would like to finish here. I guess my 
friend, Josh Livni, met you once several years ago. Anyway, I would like 
to see you somtime somewhere....

Thank you.

Hiroo Imaki
hiroo.imaki @ noaa.gov

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Tyler Erickson <tyler.erickson @ mtu.edu>
> Date: December 9, 2008 2:57:04 PM PST
> To: Dane Springmeyer <dane.springmeyer @ gmail.com>
> Cc: Chuck Hatt <charles.hatt @ mtu.edu>
> Subject: ecologists for rasters in PostGIS ?
> There is a PostGIS raster discussion that I thought you
> might be interested in because of your background in ecology...
> thread:
> http://www.nabble.com/WKT-Raster-project%3A-call-for-fundings-tt20832528.html
> proposed functionality:
> http://www.cef-cfr.ca/uploads/Membres/WKTRasterPostGIS.ppt
> In summary, there is researcher (Pierre Racine) from Laval University
> who is pushing for raster storage and raster+vector spatial operations
> to be added to PostGIS.  He is funded under a research project to
> develop tools for ecological research.   On his own he estimates it will
> take him several years to add the functionality, but a freelance open
> source developer (Sandro Santilli) with PostGIS source code experience
> is looking to work on the project, if he can find support.  Our research
> group is interested in this functionality and has offered some limited
> support ($1000) conditional on that they can find enough additional
> support so that the code would be available in 6 months.  So far they
> have floated the collaborative funding idea on the PostGIS and the OSGeo
> Discuss mailing lists, but the post haven't received many responses (at
> least public ones).
> Any idea on other groups who might be interested in this type of
> functionality (and possibly chipping funds to see it done in the near
> future)?  I'm not sure how many groups want this type of functionality
> (or could realize the potential impact)... we are interested because of
> our work with remote sensing data, and it sounds like functionality is
> of interest to ecologist researchers.
> - Tyler
> p.s.  As usual your name keeps appearing wherever I go.  This time it
> was because I am planning on meeting up with Mikel Maron while in SF
> next week.  He said he had recently been introduced to you, and that you
> might be collaborating on a small project.  Small world.
> -- 
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> Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering
> Michigan Technological University
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> Ann Arbor, MI 48105
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