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2011年 3月 17日 (木) 06:15:02 EDT




2011年3月17日16:13 Hiroo Imaki <hiroo @ angeli.org>:
> Friends,
> We had a first Seattle GIS-Tech volunteer meeting today and went well.
> All people were willing to collaborate to support people in Japan. We
> learned how to edit OSM from Dane Springmeyer and other local open
> source GIS group, CUGOS. We also will start several English-Japanese
> translation project to support people there. First project will be
> Ushahidi manual translation. They just released English manual two
> days ago and I got the document. We also would like to translate
> Ushahidi interface into Japanese.
> I don't know if there is a Ushahidi community in Japan, so if you know
> it, please forward this message to them.
> I will let you know what our plan is soon and we can talk about what
> we need to do with you.
> Hiroo
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