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Stefan Hansen stefan.hansen at lisasoft.com
Thu Dec 4 21:04:50 PST 2008

Mark Leslie wrote:
> The different distros (Ubuntu vs Xubuntu) shouldn't be a critical 
> problem, as most applications should run in either.  While that 
> assumption needs to be checked, the default username will certainly 
> cause problems.  I don't recall exactly why we used demo, but I think it 
> was an arbitrary decision.  We really should be using whatever the 
> Ubuntu/Xubuntu live dvds use by default (assuming they're the same).

In the current version of the LiveDVD the username is chosen by the 
"system" and the user is created, when the DVD boots. In the case of 
XUbuntu the user is called ubuntu.

That works pretty well. It logs you automatically in at the start (or 
after you logged out), etc. However, I'm not sure if this would also be 
an option for a VM.

> More important, we should not be relying on the username.  We currently 
> have data and doco installed into the users home directory, which is not 
> really appropriate.  I'm not sure about setting up menus and desktop 
> items, but there should be a means of adding them globally all users?

The data is currently stored in usr/local/share and maybe the doco can 
go there as well.

As far as menus and desktop items are concerned, I had a look at the 
stuff Hamish suggested. It didn't quite work so far with Xfce, but I'm 
still hopeful to work that out somehow.

Another thing where we might run into troubles are the example-projects 
for the applications. They might hard code the path to the home directory.


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> Stefan Hansen wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Working on the next version of LISAsoft's Arramagong Live DVD showed 
>> again that life would be so much easier, if we had a repository 
>> providing the various components of such a DVD. Therefore, I would like 
>> to revive the discussion on how we are going to approach this.
>> In the last couple of days I was talking to Ricardo Pinho, who is 
>> working on GISVM, and he is interested in joining efforts, so the 
>> repository can be used for creating Live CDs as well as for VMs.
>> Ricardo suggested that one of the first steps would be to get a 
>> meta-packaging agreement to ensure the interoperability of the packages 
>> and the different approaches. That means, we have to avoid things that 
>> might be result in compatibility issues. E.g., atm the standard user on 
>> the FOSS4G08 Live DVD is called "demo", on our current release it's 
>> "ubuntu" and GISVM uses "user"; or GISVM is based on Ubuntu, the Live 
>> DVD on XUbuntu. All this might cause difficulties, we probably should 
>> discuss how we can avoid them.
>> Any thoughts?
>> cheers,
>> stefan
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