[Live-demo] Arramagong_v1.0Beta1 is available for download

Stefan Hansen stefan.hansen at lisasoft.com
Wed Nov 19 19:14:15 PST 2008

Hi all!

LISAsoft has uploaded a new version of the Arramagong-LiveDVD. The new
version (v1.0Beta1) can be found here:


Our last version had some problems (the image got somehow corrupted), so
we decided to build the next release from scratch, starting with a clean
Xubuntu-iso (8.04).

The latest version is now basically on the same level as the previous
release (i.e. it has the same OSGeo software installed), but with less bugs.

The main improvements are:

* The iso has no defects
* Issues with the users "demo" have been resolved (the user is now "ubuntu")
* the sample data has been moved to /usr/local/share in order to
decrease the memory requirements for booting the LiveDVD
* the problems with the Mapserver-configuration have been fixed
* Most of the Xubuntu branding has been replaced by Arramagong artwork.

If you want to know, what exactly is on the Live DVD, have a look here:


As you probably have noticed, the new version is only a beta. So if you 
play a bit with it and discover any problems, please report them here:



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