[Live-demo] Download Page html

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 1 15:49:51 PDT 2009

Alex wrote:
> For those who have access to the download server edit the index.html,
> please keep in mind that file is in svn, so it's best if you make
> changes on your machine, commit them and then svn up on the osgeo
> server. Otherwise edits may be lost, clobbered or otherwised mixed up.

In this case that was exactly the intention. (to lose and clobber the
temporary bits once real content arrived; but not to mix anything up :)

> FYI, 2.0.3-Final links are now active.
> No torrent till we resolve best approach.

what remains to be decided that will hold up the creation of a torrent
tracked by http://openbittorrent.com/
wouldn't osgeo just be another (very fast) peer?

> VM's sometime over the weekend.


now my turn:
For those copying to the server please remember to 'chmod g+w' the files;
to change any local file URLs to http ones; and if copying back from the
server into SVN to make sure you don't accidentally uni-encode any →
or • symbols in a cut & paste. tx.

As for disk space on the server, I realize that the greatest cost is
in people's time and access, but 1TB hard drives are pretty cheap these


ps- can those wget-logs be removed?


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