[Live-demo] Downloading VM . . .

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Wed Jun 30 08:16:37 PDT 2010


So I figured I would take some time to try and add GeoMoose to the LiveDVD  (is it liveDemo now?) I'm confused (first time today too!). 

Started the download of VM, whoosh, 3.1gig??  This is going to take a while . . .  got me to thinking some.  Is there any talk of trying to figure out how to catalog things into separate types of products? Seems like some types (desktop stuff) is a might heavier than others for example.  Any thinking going on related to making separaate DVDs for product types?    

I've also had thoughts related to building out my (our) own version of a DVD with select tools that are configured to all work together up front.   Sort of a application suite approach.  Just wondering while I wait for download. . . . . 


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