[Live-demo] Re: Draft press release for upcoming 4.5 release

activityworkshop mail at activityworkshop.net
Sat Nov 20 11:51:05 PST 2010

We exchanged a few emails a while ago asking about whether Prune could 
/should be included in a forthcoming DVD release. Is that still 
realistic for this 4.5 release, it looks like plenty of time according 
to the schedule but I don't know what else you've got planned.

If it's still possible, what do you need? You already have the install 
script and the dependencies, I guess you just need a contact for the 
overview / quickstart texts?

live-demo-request at lists.osgeo.org wrote:
> I've started a press release announcing that we are starting to build 
> the next OSGeo-Live 4.5 release. I hope to send it out toward the end of 
> this coming week.
> Comments welcomed
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Disc_Press_Release_11

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