[Live-demo] Problems / mistakes in live DVD

activityworkshop mail at activityworkshop.net
Tue Oct 19 07:34:37 PDT 2010

I've been playing around with this live DVD (4.0) and came across some 
typos and mistakes.  I fixed the typos which I found in the docs via 
subversion, but there are some other things I found too.  I'm hoping 
that this list is a reasonable place to post them - maybe they can be 
forwarded to the right people somehow?

I'll split them up into serious ones (crashes or things not working), 
cosmetic ones (where things work but look wrong), and wishes 
(suggestions for improvement).  Please see this list as trying to be 
constructive, rather than negative!

Serious ones
Keyboard selection at login doesn't work - the layout is always US.  But 
keyboard selection from the top panel after login does work
Marble - if you cancel the generation of a navigation layer (eg the 
satellite view), Marble crashes with a "Floating Point Exception"
Viking - if you zoom out a long way and zoom in again, the scale bar 
gets completely confused and the loaded track & map no longer appear.  
The Ruler tool then draws lots of lines all over the screen.  Closing 
and reopening Viking solves the problem.
JOSM - The top of the window is obscured by Xfce's top panel.  That also 
means the window can only be moved or resized by using the keyboard.  
(Seems to be a general java problem rather than specific to JOSM, as 
other java programs do this too).
Menu item "Mapnik introduction" under "Spatial Tools" - can't find 
 From the welcome page, links to MacInstallers and WindowsInstallers are 
broken, because links at /usr/local/share/*Installers point to 
/media/cdrom/*Installers which are not found when running as a live DVD 
(these links work when browsing the DVD from another system).

Cosmetic ones
On the "about Xubuntu" screen, it says 9.10, but the system seems to be 
based on lucid 10.04
In the "Other" category of the start menu, many of the items are 
duplicated, making the list really long so that it scrolls off the 
screen.  Maybe there's a way to make each entry only appear once?
Some of the categorisation of programs in the start menu is odd, 
particularly the Education and Graphics sections.
Menu item "OpenLayers examples" goes to a raw directory listing 
(including .js and .css files) rather than a nice index page.  Perhaps 
the descriptions at openlayers.org/dev/examples/ could be adapted into a 
html index?
Viking - in the "go to waypoint" function, the dialog's title says 
"Create", but no creation is going on here.
Menu item OsssimPlanet - I think it should be called Ossim, not Osssim.
uDig - splash screen mentions the "Eclipse Foundaiton", also having two 
sets of user guide pages makes things confusing.

Don't really need "latest headlines" link on Firefox bookmarks bar, 
could be replaced by more OSGeo-related links.
Firefox's history items from August could be deleted
If space is a concern, does a full JDK really need to be installed?  
Also the /rofs directory confuses me but I'm not sure whether this is 
really duplicated content or not.

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