[Live-demo] Re: contributor and translator files

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 14:49:54 PDT 2010

> As Hamish has picked up, I've now moved contributors and
> translators into rst format, which is not included into the
> {lang}/sponsors.rst wiki page.
> Hamish, I did consider keeping files as csv and creating
> rst as you suggest, but decided against it because:
> 1. I think our only target for our translators and
> contributors is for our documentation.

currently, but we shouldn't limit ourselves to that
> 2. It makes creating the target documentation very easy,
> and we can run rst build using "make html" and not
> bin/install_main_docs.sh, which makes it easier for
> translators. I'm actually hoping that we will be able to
> have translators create their translations on windows
> computers if they so desire.

only needed at build time; easy to custom run otherwise.
magic can be added to the make html target easy enough.
+1 for platform independent doc contributors; interactive
web apps are nice..

> 3. Creating rst tables from csv is not as simple as I
> expected, as you need to get each cell in a column to have
> the same number of chars. (so you can't simply do: s/,/|/ )

for fixed width columns use awk with
  printf("%25s | ", $1);

> If you feel really strongly about this, and want to write
> such a script instead, then go ahead.

I will help with the awk script and cleanly restoring the .csv
files (so 'svn log' and 'svn blame' subVersion history is
preserved), but the rst (haha get it<ducks>) is up to you. The
general rules are a) do it right, do it once, and b) you make
the mess, you clean it up.

de-automating things is a long-term time drain, and is not going
to fly. inefficiency will not be tolerated :-)



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