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Thank you very much Alex and Cameron for your reply, thoughts and ideas!

Yes, GISVM will keep pace with main Ubuntu line, specially with it's VM distro 
GISVM BASE was first built on late 2009, but I never announced it to the general 
This year I have just pick-it up where I left it and decided to announce it.

From now on I am decided to keep GISVM alive and make it sustainable!
So, the main objective now is to create a business model to support the project.
Apart from GISVM BASE distro, we are aiming to provide GISVM based 
products/services with added value for users who are willing to pay for it.
We are working on it, and soon will start to announce some of those products.

And that's how GISVM distinguish from OSGeo Live... apart from being exclusively 
dedicated and optimized for Virtualization!

But GISVM is committed to continue be a FREE & OS project! So we will keep 
collaborating with this Live project and appreciate contribution from everyone 
on the OS GIS world.
Ricardo Pinho

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The biggest difference I can think of right now is base distro. As
OSGeo-live intends to probably only use x.04 releases and will likely
stick to Xubuntu as the base. Is GISVM using the main Ubuntu line as the
default, I did see your latest release was 10.10 based? Another point of
differentiation could be the inclusion of LibreOffice (I'm suggesting it
if it isn't in GISVM) which is too big for our target size.

At the core, while we offer a VM it isn't really our intention to create
a GIS workstation suitable for daily use by a GIS professional (though
it can be used that way). That seems to be more of the target of the GISVM.

I use OSGeo Live for demonstration, uniformity in a teaching environment
and to introduce people to getting used to the idea of running a linux
GIS workstation.

So it seems to me that one way for GISVM to stand out is if it is a full
install of everything the workstation user might want (Office, Latex,
Inkscape,GIMP, all of R Spatial Task View, etc) but not all the server
packages which as I recall you had a separate Sever VM for.

Just some ideas to kick around.


On 04/08/2011 01:17 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Hi all,
> Confirming Richardo's comments, Richardo was a huge driving force behind
> the success of our first major release of OSGeo-Live at FOSS4G 2009,
> providing lots of valuable advice on packaging and developing on virtual
> machines. We were privileged to have Richard as part of our team.
> I'm still unclear on how a GISVM should distinguish itself from
> OSGeo-Live, (as OSGeo-Live also provides a Virtual Machine), and I have
> answered some of Richardo's questions to me on this in a separate thread.
> On 09/04/11 03:34, Ricardo Pinho wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> After several people asking about the differences between GISVM and
>> OSGeo Live projects, I must clarify some points, specially to the
>> members of this list.
>> As some of you probably know, GISVM concept was used, with my direct
>> participation, on the building process of FOSS4G 2009 LiveDVD
>> (Arramagong). Since then, that concept is used for building the OSGeo
>> Live, that resulted on the LiveDVD for FOSS4G 2010 and is growing fast
>> with excellent results.
>> GISVM was launched in 2008, an independent project, not sponsored by
>> OSGeo, and is dedicated exclusive for providing "Virtual Machines" for
>> Open Source GIS users.
>> These different goals results on completely different products!
>> But, these two projects have much in common, and can help each other.
>> Just like GISVM helped OSGeo to build it's LiveDVD.
>> GISVM can receive help from OSGeo Live by being able to use their huge
>> number of install scripts.
>> And I can see several other ways of collaboration.
>> For start, I would suggest to all "install script" developers to use
>> "GISVM Base" for creating and testing their scrips.
>> If it works on GISVM Base it will probably work on OSGeo Live.
>> To include your applications on GISVM Base, it is as simple as
>> adapting your current OSGeo Live install script.
>> GISVM is a GPL Free project and is hosted by sourgeforge:
>> The current Base scripts are available at:
>> If you want to participate on it, just contact me.
>> Your contribution will be much appreciated!
>> Cheers,
>> Ricardo Pinho
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>> *Assunto:* [Live-demo] [Annouce] GISVM Base
>> Dear all,
>> We are proud to announce the new “GISVM BASE”.
>> Available now for FREE DOWNLOAD at: <>
>> GISVM ("GIS Virtual Machine") is a Ubuntu Linux distribution for GIS
>> users, packaged as a virtual machine, a completely isolated computer
>> that can be run in a window inside your current operating system.
>> This new BASE edition, based on a minimum Ubuntu 10.10 installation,
>> provides the user with simple Double Click install scripts for an
>> unlimited possible number of open-source GIS packages.This way, users
>> are FREE to build their own GISVM by installing the desired GIS packages.
>> By the time of this announcement these are the available install scripts:
>> - Quantum GIS / Grass
>> - uDIG
>> - gvSIG
>> - OpenJump
>> - Kosmo
>> - R
>> - GeoServer
>> - GeoMajas
>> We plan to keep adding more install scripts, depending on the users
>> feedback and request.
>> this new version:
>> We would also appreciate it if you SPREAD THE WORD. Put it in your
>> blog, forum, facebook, twitter, webpage, and so on.
>> Thank you,
>> Ricardo Pinho
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