[Live-demo] How should we handle OSGeo-Live translations?

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at osgeo.org
Sun Feb 27 23:55:37 PST 2011

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El 27/02/11 21:11, Cameron Shorter escribió:
> In order to meet our printing deadlines for March 2011 conferences, we
> need to have all our documentation completely finalised by 7 March (in
> one week).
> Here is the current status, sourced from the translation status
> spreadsheet [1]:
> Directory      en    de    el     es    it     ja    ro    pl
> Overviews    47    39    47    13    0    14    0    12
> Quickstarts   45    3     37    3      0    0    0    5
> Standards     12    11   12    11    0    0    0    0
> As it stands, we have reasonably complete translations for Greek, and
> only a few overviews missing for German. Spanish, Japanese and Polish
> have a few translated docs. Some Overviews have been updated to the
> latest doc version, others have not.
> So what should our policy be for:
> 1. Languages that don't have a full set of translations of Overviews?
> Should they be included, or should we wait until the following release
> and wait for a more complete set of translations?
> 2. Docs which don't have a translation yet? Should we just redirect
> links to the English equivalent doc? (That will be easy to set up).
> 3. Translated docs where there is a more recent English version available.
> Usually the updated English is only minor since the last release, where
> the version number has of the release has changed. (Identifying out of
> date versions is more difficult and I don't think I'll be able to set it
> up in time for this release).
> I'd like to take guidance from each translation community, as you are
> the people taking OSGeo-Live into your community. I'm looking for each
> community to come to a statement along the lines of "For XXX language,
> we would like to ..."
> [1]
> https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AlRFyY1XenjJdFRDbjFyWHg1MlNTRm10QXk0UWEzWlE&hl=en_GB&authkey=CPTB6uIE#gid=23


IMHO I would put also translations online with links to non-translated
text to English ones, this way the work can be shown and maybe more
translators could come and complete the work.

Probably an small "Translators are welcome!" note on those translated
front pages would be also nice.


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