[Live-demo] Enhancement for Version number in Online Documentation

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 3 18:05:22 PDT 2011

Frank wrote:
> OK, just fixed the version read from VERSION.txt in conf.py 
> and updated html_tilte property - in the title was still v4.5
> instead of the current version.


> I tried it on mac os but the arguments for sphinx-build
> command where not used like I thought it would. Therefore the
> python conf.py update to read from version file instead of
> parameters for sphinx-build command in Makefile

sphinx has been a bit of a moving target.. can you set up a
virtual machine in OSX to run xubuntu 11.04 in? it's the best
way to verify the results are the same.

also note that if the Makefile changes the nightly doc build
on the adhoc server stops until I validate them. (intentional
feature, not a bug)

> In addition I searched all 'OSGeo Live' occurrences and
> replaced it with OSGeo-Live.

it would be better to make the grep regex more robust, rather
than forcing all docs to use an identical version of the nom du

grep 'OSGeo[ -]Live' *.rst

> Last but not least I updated the copyright to 2011.


with respect to :Version: in the ReST docs header comments, I
would like to preserve that, it makes it easy to know if I've
verified that the content is still valid for the currently
packaged version of the software. (making it the version of
the software would be just as good)  that version doesn't need
to be exported beyond the ReST document though.


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