[Live-demo] Enhancement for Version number in Online Documentation

Frank Gasdorf fgdrf at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jul 4 00:02:48 PDT 2011

Thanks Hamish, please have a look at the inline comments ..

2011/7/4 Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>

> Frank wrote:
> > OK, just fixed the version read from VERSION.txt in conf.py
> > and updated html_tilte property - in the title was still v4.5
> > instead of the current version.
> thanks
> > I tried it on mac os but the arguments for sphinx-build
> > command where not used like I thought it would. Therefore the
> > python conf.py update to read from version file instead of
> > parameters for sphinx-build command in Makefile
> sphinx has been a bit of a moving target.. can you set up a
> virtual machine in OSX to run xubuntu 11.04 in? it's the best
> way to verify the results are the same.

Agree, it was only mentioned to get feedback if anybody else had problems
like this. I know, that the geotools project works with ant build scripts
and there it seems to work but I've no idea what OS the build server for the
docs is running.

> also note that if the Makefile changes the nightly doc build
> on the adhoc server stops until I validate them. (intentional
> feature, not a bug)
> Quit interesting. Everything still all right after my changes? Is there a
public accessible build server (hudson/jenkins) where I can check the build
results? Is it possible to get these results to the mailing list?

> > In addition I searched all 'OSGeo Live' occurrences and
> > replaced it with OSGeo-Live.
> it would be better to make the grep regex more robust, rather
> than forcing all docs to use an identical version of the nom du
> jour.
> grep 'OSGeo[ -]Live' *.rst
> Thanks! To be exact I used the sed and searched the regular expression
'OSGeo.Live' and replaced it with OSGeo-Live. ;)

> > Last but not least I updated the copyright to 2011.
> thanks,
> with respect to :Version: in the ReST docs header comments, I
> would like to preserve that, it makes it easy to know if I've
> verified that the content is still valid for the currently
> packaged version of the software. (making it the version of
> the software would be just as good)  that version doesn't need
> to be exported beyond the ReST document though.
> cheers,
> Hamish
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