[Live-demo] Re: access to "live" live-demo docs

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 24 19:34:47 PDT 2011

Hi there,

I am not yet back in the office, but I'm now back on the mainland with
an internet connection so can start to work through this stuff..

The nightly doc build cron job is set up to stall itself if things
change too much; I'll review and validate the doc build changes later

> We could up the timing a bit

sure, it was running once per hour, I slowed that down to once per day
during the interim part of the dev cycle but can make it hourly again now.

> (I also assume it's running nice -19 or something similar).

it is

> Of course that's once we figure out why it stopped
> running.

there's a big old README.ERROR file or so in the doc build logs dir
which tries to explain why it has stopped and how to start it again...

> Hudson would be fine if there's already a hudson instance
> running (I know some of the java projects had been talking
> about it).

I've no experience with that, what does it do? (I only know about
Henry and his river..)

> But I wouldn't want to put it on adhoc as the load might be
> excessive for what we're doing. At least that's my biggest concern.

(What does it do? / what need does it fill?)

> But while were at it, we should also run the builds against
> a version of sphinx that is the same as the DVD. That part
> may actually be a little more complicated.

the trouble there was that another user of adhoc decided they needed
a newer version of sphinx and installed a bleeding edge version system-
wide outside of the dpkg system. that version had some bugs, one of
which I managed to patch by hand, another of which I'm still waiting for
the sphinx people to fix (% scale not respected, I need to check their
tracker to look for any news on it).

otherwise, adhoc runs on lenny versions of things.

if it's a big problem I can leave my Natty VM running and scp in the
compiled docs from there, but it's a bit more fragile than running on
adhoc directly.

so no need to worry or install anything new; the build job will be back
online soon enough, maybe later today.


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