[Live-demo] Nightly doc builds back online; further action on doc licenses needed

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 25 04:08:43 PDT 2011


the nightly doc build cron job is now an hourly cron job, and back up and

there's a bug: the licenses.csv file is sourced before it is generated.
it fails the first time, & will grab an out of date version from then on.

by the way, instead of publicly pledging anything, it would be *much*
better if folks who are listed as authors just edited their quickstarts
etc and expanded the license line in their .rst files as they see fit. No
one else may change the copyright license line on their behalf!, so
everyone must do that anyway, and should do that now.

(also I would suggest IMHO a separate license.html page is a waste of
time, the doc license just needs to be at the bottom of each page and no
more; and I continue to be annoyed by seeing (c) Lisasoft at the bottom of
pages whos contents are entirely authored by myself and solely (c) OSGeo.
IMHO the best solution is if lisasoft did like everyone else and just
donated their copyright to osgeo.)

hourly build docs are here:

please work on the many issues found in the error log therein.


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