[Live-demo] dataset audit

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 15:54:04 PDT 2011

I've just dug through the quickstarts and some directories looking for 
data files, and found the following. (I used a manual search technique, 
so may have missed some data files).

I suggest that we should reduce the following directories down to:
/usr/local/share/data/<dataset> which is accessible via /home/user/data
Any objections?

I'm also interested to know whether we save anything by compressing into 
zip or tar.gz files (as the ISO image is compressed)

I also wonder whether udig, geopublishing and pgrouting can use the 
common datset.

/home/user/data/<dataset> which is a symbolic link to ...
/usr/local/share/udig/udig/udig-data/ (which is duplicated in 

/usr/lib/geotools-2.0.2/data_dir/data (referenced from geoserver 
quickstart, but the directory doesn't exist)

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