[Live-demo] dataset audit

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 2 14:45:09 PDT 2011

Cameron wrote:
> I suggest that we should reduce the following directories
> down to:
> /usr/local/share/data/<dataset> which is accessible
> via /home/user/data
> Any objections?

my only comments are again that keeping under share/ will make
it a bit harder to stumble across unless you get a hint to look
there ("data" is a bit generic under share/; should be obvious
in home/), but more importantly one size does not fit all, so I'd
prefer to word these things as guidelines/recommendations for
placement, instead of hard requirements.

> /home/user/grassdata
> > GRASS data is imported into GRASS format and the grassdata
> > folder is a GRASSDB with Mapsets and locations which is a
> > folder structure GRASS relies on. I would hesitate to mess
> > with this or put other things in it.

I can move that to /home/user/data/grass/ if anyone cares much.
~/grassdata/ is a traditional name for it, it can be anything.
But Alex is right: within that dir tree I very carefully
construct the grass dir structure and file ownership, with
symlinks back to the actual data files in /usr/local/.

The main thing is that the working MAPSET dir must be owned by
the user, and they be able to write to it. This is so the main
GRASSDB (~/grassdata/) can be on a NFS mount or similar, with
all team members/students sharing the same master project files,
but only allowed to write to their own MAPSETs with it (so you
can only mess up your own work, but can read from everyone else's
(unless of course they've restricted access) and the primary

But as we can't reliably set UID permissions on the ISO outside
of /home/user/ directly, what I have it doing is creating an
empty structure in /home/ with the right permissions. A little
bit tricky so as Alex suggests, don't mess with the internals
unless you know exactly what you're doing. :)
It shouldn't take up much space in /home/, just dirs and symlinks
and a few small text files.

> /home/user/data/<dataset> which is a symbolic link to ...

seems like a good method to me. shrug

> /usr/local/share/osm/barcelona_coastline_box/<data>

note that's there for Mapnik, so we could have a hi-res coastline
for OSM but not have to include the entire planet at hi-res to
do it. custom shapefile made by me from OSM data, not needed
for 2011. Not really meant for end-user use so fine to bury it
deep in the support files.

> /usr/local/share/udig/udig/udig-data/ (which is duplicated
> in /usr/local/share/data)

symlinked, or hardlinked by fslint on the final ISO?


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