[Live-demo] Last call for new projects wishing to be includedonOSGeo-Live

maplabs at light42.com maplabs at light42.com
Fri Jun 3 17:18:41 PDT 2011

> Does Postgis 2.0 require Postgres 9? Natty still has 8.4, it is possible
> to backport 9.0 from Oneiric but that takes someone doing it and posting
> it to ubuntugis. 

PostGIS 2.0 will support PostgreSQL 8.4 - 9.1

> I don't dispute the goodies for those in the know, but the more time we
> spend custom tweaking each package the less we have to make the overall
> experience better. So I'm going to stick to if it's ubuntugis or a
> similar repo we'll take it, if it's source only just to get the newest
> I'll pass till the next release. That is after all why we keep releasing
> every 6 months. 
> There is a parallel theme here, my goal is put versions on the disc that
> the average user can go out and install on their own. So the existence
> of a deb package is the key to win me over. 
> We'll have to see how this one in particular plays out. If there's a
> stable release by July I think it's possible. 

that sounds reasonable


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