[Live-demo] 5.0alpha2 build logs

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 26 14:06:01 PDT 2011

> > geoserver:
> > FIXME: 'export FOO=bar' is a Bashism and will not work
> > with Ubuntu's #!/bin/sh  (which is dash)

Ian wrote:
> I've fixed this but there are plenty of other places in
> the startup/shutdown scripts which use export in the Bash way.
> I'll raise this on the developers list but I don't see any
> problems on my machine (which also uses dash as sh). So I'm not
> sure if it will get fixed in time for the DVD.

the last resort way to give up and admit defeat is to change the
first-line shebang of your start/stop script to


I usually reserve that for scripts which make heavy use of arrays[] and can't be fixed without a complete rewrite.

just tested, dash does seem to propagate variables if exported
in the bash way, but I think that's just getting lucky this time,
and still should be fixed as there's no guarantee that'll remain
the case. Point being, command called with /bin/sh should not
include bashisms.

see also `bash --posix` and the `checkbashisms` program from the
devscripts package.


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