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Cameron (and others), 

I'm still thinking this is worth the effort at some point.  The easier the process is to make a local datseta available inside of the apps, the (VERY much) more likely, the app will come off in good standing with the testers. 

Is this possibly a separate tool that I'm talking about, that could be used after the fact on the LiveDVD?  With the sample data all tweaked to similar locations and by adding a Data installer script . . . 


>>> Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:

I'm very wary of anything to do with hot-swapping datasets.

One of the main pillar stones of OSGeo-Live is quality, which is achieved by systematic testing, re-testing, then testing again, year after year. We now have years and years of testing of applications behind us.

Hot swapping a base dataset invalidates the testing for all applications which use that dataset, and consequently is highly likely to introduce errors - something we are strong wishing to avoid.

Yes, I agree that it is really nice to make use of a local dataset, and someone may wish to do so for one specific example for one specific application, which you test yourself. But I strongly urge you not to change a dataset for all applications as you either compromise the quality of OSGeo-Live, or you are up for many man months worth of testing and issue resolution.

On 15/10/2011 1:14 AM, Bob Basques wrote: 


Related to this thread (I think) . . . . 

in a future version of the Live DVD, could the installation of apps be setup in a way that allows for swapping out the sample data sets installed across all apps via a single variable or folder storage location in some way.  Being able to change the projection would be the next most obvious improvement to something like this as well. 

You still want to have sample data, but being able to swap this out for localized data for training aspects would be a pretty slick option to provide. 

Does it make any sense to try and hard applications together based on data, or are the intended app uses to far ranging and require certain types of particular data ? 

Just a thought. 


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