[Live-demo] uDig and open-jdk (was Which version of openjdk...)

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue May 29 03:29:34 PDT 2012

Easy does it - don't want to mess up other apps. 

One small danger is for apps that include their own copy of jai. So not want conflicts with jre copy. 

Also need to test image io ext - gdal libs need to be on jre library path. 

Easiest done with links in jre/bin but perhaps other options available. Finally you may be able to configure some of these by updating udig_internal.ini or making change to script that starts udig and have less of an impact on other projects. 

Excellent work frank!


On 29/05/2012, at 6:37 PM, Frank Gasdorf <fgdrf at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> Yeah!! Got uDig running with an open-jdk and JAI jars in the libs/ext
> folder!! Jody, great suggestion from you. Renderer shows shapes and
> tif's :)
> Still to check is the current 6.0 beta release with open-jdk 7.
> With this in mind we wouldn't have any kind of this problems if uDig
> would use jai/imageio with its native fragments! One more reason for
> me/us to force bringing this RFC to master ;)
> Anyway, I'm going to test open-jdk 7 this days.
> Tasks after a successfully test:
> * update install script (hack) :
>  * copy jai*.jar and *wrapper*.jar from the bundled JRE into openjdk
> libs/ext folder
>  * remove JRE from udig installation
> * test udig-quickstart
> I'm confident that we solve this for 6.0 release !
> Frank
> 2012/5/29 Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com>:
>> yes Frank you are right
>> disabling the jre included with uDig causes rendering errors
>> for both SHP file and TIF
>> Still that is useful information!
>> So if the application starts at all; SWT is working with open JDK (yay - for
>> uDig only).
>> If you are getting rendering errors; we must be down to graphics differences
>> (down check for all geotools projects?)
>> If you can see anything at all; the pure Java implementation of Java
>> Advanced Imaging / ImageIO must be working.
>> Do you have a screen snap of the "rendering errors"?
>> Frank with your uDig hat on - do we need to go back to your "bundle"
>> solution for deploying JAI? We could schedule that for uDig 1.4.0 if it is
>> what is needed.
>> Jody

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