[Live-demo] Sextane Project Overview on OSGeo-Live

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 11 02:09:37 PDT 2013

Cameron wrote:
> I see that the Quickstart you reference is making use of
> QGIS. I note that we already have a QGIS quickstart, which
> mentions Sextante. I suggest that rather than create another
> quickstart, we should make use of the existing QGIS quickstart,
> which could be extended slightly to include one screen shot and
> a few more steps. (Note that we still want to keep the
> documentation concise, so that it is easy to maintain and 
> test in future).


I'd advise about adding much more to the QGIS quickstart, it's
already quite long and there is quite a lot to talk about while
just talking about the core functionality. wrt the GRASS and
SEXTANTE sections in the QGIS quickstart, I think the important
thing is to let users know that the (huge) resource exists, and
show them how to open the door to that functionality. But moving
too far beyond that is getting a bit out of scope.

So I'd encourage other solutions which added new content in
less crowded corners, and a "for more on this see..." at the
appropriate place in the QGIS doc.


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