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Dear Margerita,

Looks like a good option for the entire project to have, furthermore there is already overview material for all applications in English which gets translated already and that can suit some booklet sections. You might consider building it directly with the rst based system that OSGeo already has in place, picking well known sections from the existing documents and reformatting them into booklet format.
I'm not much deeply into that system however to assist you with the details, maybe someone with more experience in that part can investigate feasibility further.

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Dear all,

an Italian LUG (Linux User Group) is preparing a series of vademecum in Italian on various FOSS in order to distribute them during events/conferences. My idea was to prepare a vademecum about the OSGeo-Live project. The vademecum will be a booklet of 16 pages in A6 format, similar to [1]. I was wondering if you think this kind of marketing item would be worth to be created in English by the collaborative effort of people here (who is interested to collaborate?) and then translated in Italian and other languages, or else I should just write it directly in Italian.


[1] http://www.linuxday.it/2010/docs/vademecumlinuxday2009_1.pdf

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