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Our primary drivers for OSGeo-Live is as an introduction to Geospatial 
Open Source applications, although that is now expanding as people use 
OSGeoLive for workshops.

Also, OSGeo-Live is space constrained, so if we are to add a new 
dataset, it should be relatively small, and should be useful for 
multiple projects, (as well as being available under an open license 
such as Creative Commons).

For the quickstart, I'd suggest that you stick to the core simple use 
case which Deegree is being used for. Unless your core use case is 
serving complex schema data, then it probably isn't a candidate for the 
quickstart? Alternatively, if you are using OSGeo-Live within workshops 
for Deegree, then we may consider introducing a complex schema dataset.

I'm aware that GeoServer also supports complex schemas, so I'd want to 
ensure that the GeoServer community can make use of the dataset too.

So, key questions:
1. Is the complex schema use case the core 10 min use case you'd want to 
present for Deegree's quickstart?
2. Are you using OSGeo-Live for workshops, and want a complex schema 
dataset to demo functionality?
3. Can you source a small, open, complex schema dataset, preferably 
covering an Area of Interest already included in existing OSGeo-Live 
example datasets?

On 31/03/13 01:43, Markus Schneider wrote:
> Hi Cameron,
> thanks for your feedback/suggestions.
> I guess we (the deegree project) still got somework to do in order to
> get closer to using the data already available in OSGeoLive. Probably it
> seems that the deegree project always expects to get special treatment.
> Sorry for that :-(
> I guess we definitely should have a closer look at the Natural Earth
> example dataset. Maybe we can provide a deegree workspace based on that
> dataset. And write a quickstart tutorial based on that workspace.
> On the other hand, the real strength of deegree webservices is not
> common webmapping. It's probably quite a bit lot slower than MapServer
> and GeoServer here. I guess our most obvious raison d'ĂȘtre is our focus
> on in-depth support for rich data models, such as INSPIRE Data Themes,
> GeoSciML and all these German schemas like XPlanung and AAA. Do you
> think we can include some GML-encoded INSPIRE datasets on OSGeoLive?
> Some datasets can be found in our "INSPIRE workspace" [1].
> Best regards,
> Markus
> [1]
> http://download.deegree.org/documentation/3.2.0/html/lightly.html#example-workspace-1-inspire-network-services
> Am 30.03.2013 10:39, schrieb Cameron Shorter:
>> I like the style of this documentation that you reference. It is well
>> written, with diagrams which make it easy for someone with minimal
>> experience to follow.
>> A couple of suggestions that I have after a quick look at the docs are:
>> 1. With the quickstart, we are looking to show one core example of the
>> application in ~ 10 minutes. My first impression is that this chapter
>> you reference is probably a bit too long. I'd suggest 2 rather than 4
>> examples. Reason for keeping the docs concise is that we need to be
>> aware that the docs are translated into over 10 languages, and the cost
>> of maintenance becomes quite high.
>> 2. Could you please make use of example data that is already installed
>> on OSGeoLive rather than downloading from an external source. (You might
>> want to use the Natural Earth example datasets in your standard
>> documentation too).
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