[Live-demo] Introducing 24dev-demo OSGeo Live Addon

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 13:22:40 PDT 2015

Hi Patrick,
I haven't tried your 24dev-demo yet. Sorry.
My current suspicion is that 24dev-demo would need to mature if it were 
to attract a community and become a sustained project.
OSGeo-Live focuses on promoting established projects, and I don't think 
24dev-demo is there yet. To see what we promote, see:

Building a mature project and establishing a brand represents a lot of 
effort. I suspect a more successful path for you - if you wish to follow 
it, would involve incorporating your efforts into the existing 
OSGeo-Live build process. An "addon" to the existing build process, as 
you suggest. Again, this is quite a bit of effort, in particular around 

So the main question I'm alluding to is, to get to the level of quality 
which attracts community, there is a huge amount of effort (often 
researching technologies you are not familiar with) and leadership 
reaching out to communities. It is probably worth asking yourself the 
question of do you have the time?  Or is your time better spent focusing 
on your core project goals?

Cheers, Cameron

On 6/10/2015 7:13 am, Patrick McGovern wrote:
> Cameron,
> Your build process is fine, I am not proposing any new changes to 
> OSGeo Live.
> This demo _*Addon process*_ is intended to serve as a adhoc sandbox 
> development environment for interested users.  A live DVD has finite 
> room for applications but running the 24dev-demo process *alongside 
> *OSGeo Live provides an handy platform to showcase custom applications 
> without re-mastering your OS.  For example, I hope to update my r4st 
> application so that others could peruse it and could easily adapt it 
> to their needs if desired.  The OSGeo Live environment allows me to 
> easily configure the environment.
> Likewise others could build and add their apps to the process, making 
> it easy for anyone to see exactly how it was done AND the 
> configurations required to make it work.  I think it would be great 
> for educational/Demo purposes and creating applications that are 
> "proven" to work in a given environment.
> Did you try extracting and running 24dev-demo on an OSGeo Live DVD?
> Thanks,
> Pat
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 3:55 PM, Cameron Shorter 
> <cameron.shorter at gmail.com <mailto:cameron.shorter at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Patrick,
>     From reading your description, it seems there is quite a bit of
>     overlap from what you are describing and the existing OSGeo-Live
>     build process?
>     http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Build
>     Long term, I see it as preferable to only maintain one build
>     process rather than many.
>     If there are advantages to your approach which our existing build
>     process doesn't address, then maybe you would be able to help us
>     improve our existing process.
>     Am I missing something?
>     Cheers, Cameron
>     On 5/10/2015 8:27 am, Patrick McGovern wrote:
>>     All,
>>     The OSGeo Live DVD has a great collection of software and is a
>>     unique development environment.  I created a customizable
>>     _*Addon*_, "24dev-demo" for prototyping applications and scripts
>>     for the OSGeo Live DVD.
>>     This demo is intended to provide users with an easy way to try
>>     and develop applications alongside OSGeo. The "24dev" name is a
>>     play on words for: "Two For DEVelopment", via the Open Source
>>     Community (OSC) and you the Open Source Developer (OSD).
>>     I have uploaded the tar file to github at 24dev-demo
>>     <https://github.com/pmcgover/24dev-demo>.  I hope to add a GIS
>>     application in a future release. Please let me know what you think.
>>     Thanks,
>>     Pat McGovern
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