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Hi Marco,

Thanks for your docs. I'm reviewing now, and will incorporate you docs 
(after review) into the master.

As a formality, to cover us legally, can you please send an email to 
Live-demo at lists.osgeo.org confirming that you agree to contributing 
under an Open Source license, as per:

    /"Hi all, I'd like to contribute XXX to OSGeo-Live. I confirm that
    my contributions to OSGeo-Live will be compatible with the
    OSGeo-Live license guidelines at the time of contribution."/

    The licenses used for the OSGeo-Live build scripts and documentation

      * /Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
        for Quickstarts/
      * /Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License for Project
      * /LGPL version >=2.1 for the install scripts/
      * /One of the OSI approved Open Source licenses for installed
      * /Public domain, CC-By-SA, and Open Data Commons Open Database
        License (ODbL) for data/

This is from our processes here:

On 15/07/2016 2:31 AM, mbranco2 wrote:
> Hi Cameron,
> having no time now to learn Svn / Sphinx, I'm asking you if it's 
> possible to cooperate with someone already skilled on this environment 
> to produce the requested documentation.
> Attached here there is the text I thought for the other OSM argument, 
> the  OSM dataset: thinking it should be not a duplicate of the OSM 
> project documentation, I'm proposing to focus in this doc on the OSM 
> database (respect the previous text, I changed the main description 
> and the core features).
> I tried to write the .rst file just with an ascii editor, hoping to 
> speed up the activity.
> If this it's ok, I can write in the same manner the other .rst file 
> for OSM intro.
> 2016-07-11 1:17 GMT+02:00 Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com 
> <mailto:cameron.shorter at gmail.com>>:
>     Hi Marco,
>     Thanks for your text, and sorry for delayed response.
>     My initial thoughts are that you write well, but the structure of
>     the document doesn't fit well with our OSGeo-Live template format.
>     Have you had a look at our documentation writing guidelines,
>     linked from:
>     https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Disc#Documentation ?
>     In particular, have a look at the comments in the PostGIS Project
>     Overview or UDig Quickstart source RST files.
>     On 7/07/2016 11:22 PM, mbranco2 wrote:
>         Hi all,
>         please find attached a first draft of OSM intro (thanks Luca
>         for the assistance).
>         Let me know if I could help more.
>           Marco
>         P.S. Luca wrote me he is offline till next monday (July 11)
>     “OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free
>     editable map of the world” [wikipedia].
>     The project started in 2004, and to date there are nearly 3
>     million people around the world who have contributed to the
>     OpenStreetMap database, which is the collector of all geolocalized
>     information (updated statistics here).
>     The impressive growth of the OSM phenomenon is well documented in
>     this animation , and to appreciate the level of detail of OSM
>     information compared to other maps (i.e. Google ...) you can use
>     this web page : choose a location you well know, and then zoom
>     more and more…  lacking a bench, a basket for garbage, a tree? 
>      Well, map it!
>     OSM is not only an excellent example of open data, but also its
>     community gives an impressive boost at the increasing trend of
>     open data request: local OSM community indeed is putting pressure
>     on (local and central) government agencies to make public and
>     freely reusable their geo-localized data. On the other hand, more
>     and more public agencies have adopted OSM data and services for
>     their activities.
>     On the social side, another major project is HOT (Humanitarian
>     OpenStreetMap Team): “…when a disaster or political crisis
>     happens, HOT leaps into action to map the affected area with a
>     global network of volunteers. Disaster responders, such as the Red
>     Cross and Doctors without Borders, are using these detailed maps
>     in the response to these crises”.  Since the Israeli-Gaza conflict
>     (2008), several disasters had the prompt support by the HOT team:
>     Haiti  earthquake (2010),  West Africa Ebola Epidemic (2014) and
>     Nepal Earthquake (2015),  just to name a few.
>     OSM data are freely reusable, both for no profit and profit
>     organizations: you can start from switch2osm.org
>     <http://switch2osm.org> to plan your activity.
To learn more about
>     license subject please visit these pages:
>     http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright/
>     The main entrance to OSM world is at www.openstreetmap.org
>     <http://www.openstreetmap.org> : here you can browse the Map, and
>     you can also begin to contribute (after registration to join the
>     community), directly inserting geolocalized data.
>     In the Web there are tons of guides, tutorial, etc. to learn to
>     use OSM and the numerous OSM-related tools, the OSM wiki
>     (available in almost all languages) and learnosm.org
>     <http://learnosm.org> are good starting points: here you can find
>     for example a list of software applications using OSM data and
>     services (for desktop, mobile devices, …), or the portal to the
>     many OSM mapping projects, and various OSM-tools learning guides.
>     help.openstreetmap.org <http://help.openstreetmap.org> is the main
>     question-and-answer site, but there are a lot of mailing lists 
>     (in various languages) where you can ask questions or search
>     answers: here is the full list.
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Cameron Shorter,
Software and Data Solutions Manager
Suite 112, Jones Bay Wharf,
26 - 32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009

P +61 2 8099 9000,  M +61 419 142 254, W www.jirotech.com

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