[Live-demo] OSGeoLive 10.5 status: beta??? - and translation status

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 11:28:08 PST 2017

We started the OSGeo-Live 10.5 release cycle with a goal of adopting 
transifex to do our translations.

Our initial attempts hit some hurdles, and Richard Duivenvoorde joined 
our team providing us with some excellent guidance. But transifex is not 
ready yet to hand over to the OSGeo-Live translators, and ideally we 
want to give translators plenty of time to get familiar with the new 
tools. Considering that we should have already created a beta version 2 
weeks ago (as per Angelos' email below) I think we should go with our 
prior, manual git based translation for the 10.5 release.

Richard has suggested that we should have Tranifex in place before 
FOSSGIS (22 March) and FOSS4G-EU (18 July). These events could be a good 
opportunity to set up a Tranifex translation workshop or code-sprint or 
similar if someone would like to set it up?


Angelos, I'm +1 for creating a beta ASAP. We just need to check the 
version number in the docs reflects the version number of the beta.

Is our spreadsheet with version numbers up to date?


On 14/2/17 7:50 am, Angelos Tzotsos wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are currently 2 weeks behind of our beta release, which should have 
> happened in Jan 27th.
> In our weekly meeting 2 weeks ago, there was a motion to release beta, 
> but it was withdrawn until we had the new documentation in place. In 
> today's meeting it was decided to not use the new docs in 10.5 release 
> since they are still in early development.
> So we are now 3 weeks away from our scheduled release date and have 
> not even released a beta...
> I would like to suggest that we release a beta ASAP, call for testers 
> and move the schedule 2 weeks forward (i.e. RC on Mar 7 and final 
> release on Mar 20). I also suggest that the planned conferences for 
> early March should make their own decision whether to use 10.5 RC iso 
> or 10.0 iso for their booths.
> Best,
> Angelos

Cameron Shorter
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