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congratulations to the OpenJUMP team (!)

  best regards from Berkeley, California

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Date: Fri, 11 May 2018 21:39:19 +0200
From: Michaël Michaud 
Reply-To: OpenJump develop and use 
Subject: [JPP-Devel] OpenJUMP 1.13 released
To: OpenJump develop and use , openjump-users at googlegroups.com

Hi Jumpers,

A new OpenJUMP release is available on :

This is mainly a bug fix release but it also has some new features :

  * some very annoying bugs fixed
  * OJ should be generally java 10 ready now

  New Features
  * Additional Result framemork from Sextante (used in ProfileGraphPlugIn
    and several Tools>Statistics plugins)
  * Add Save/Restore schema to/from file (Feature Schema Panel)
  * Add AddNewLayerViewPlugIn

  * Add option to ProfileGraphPlugIn (Raster menu)
  * Beautify frame icons and keep them in detached frames
  * Add Copy/Paste/Save schema to the Feature Schema Panel
  * Improve WritableDataStoreLayer UI

  Bug fixes
  * Handling date/time fields of JML datasets was broken
  * Place internal frames in the top left corner of desktop pane again
  * Add Boolean and Long attributes to Paste Schema plugin
  * Positioning internal frames resulted in an NPE on java9
  * #474 : Date editing in AttributePanel was broken
  * #473 : shapefile driver no more limited to 4G files
  * #471 : small bug in PostGIS (new) driver UI
  * #470 : fix transaction manager management
  * bugfix "[JPP-Devel] Open File does not show file type menu"
    activating the open file menu a second time resulted in an
    empty file type selection dropdown field

  * update JumpChart to 1.0 (bug fixes)
  * update VertexSymbols to 0.19 (bug fixes)
  * update Sextante to apr_2018
  * update CAD toolbox to 0.97
  * update JumpFillPattern to 0.3

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