[OTT_OSGEO] Happy Geography week and GIS Day

Scott W Mitchell smitch at connect.carleton.ca
Tue Nov 14 10:59:53 EST 2006

Happy Geography Week indeed!  If all goes well, I will be able to  
properly enjoy it.  If all doesn't go well, I will be on strike  
tomorrow, but hopefully we can avoid that.

The Carleton event will happen no matter what, apparently the  
organizer isn't in our union, and has lots of student helpers.  There  
will be an OSGEO booth, and Grahame is most welcome to represent us  
there even if I can't make it.  I am trying to work out approval from  
my union so that I could still attend as an OSGEO volunteer without  
being considered a strike breaker.  We'll see...

Jeff has confirmed that there will not be an OSGEO presence at U of O.

And finally, for another item of GAW and GIS Day in local media, see


On 14-Nov-06, at 09:51, Sampson, David wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Just thought I'd push you along to the Canadian Association of  
> Geographers for a Canadian Source of Information for Geo Week and  
> GIS Day.
> We have heard a lot about these events in the past and have  
> celebrated them but there lacked a central movement here in Canada.  
> Well maybe with CAG helping out this might increase the Canadian  
> presence.
> Some general info:
> http://www.cag-acg.ca/en/geography_week.html
> A Brief paper:
> http://www.cag-acg.ca/files/pdf/GAW/about_GAW_GIS.pdf
> As usual there are all the other major players, but I thought I'd  
> pump the geographers side a bit.
> P.S Can anyone give a run down of what is going on from GIS day.  
> There was some chatter going back and forth. Just wondering what  
> has come out of the wash.
> Cheers

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