[Ottawa_users] Map Labelling

Sampson, David dsampson at NRCan.gc.ca
Fri Jun 22 09:51:38 EDT 2007

Looking at the GD docs I found reference to a radius that text is to

This suggests that it would do one radius for a whole string.

Does anyone have a screenshot of this?

I would want the labeling to follow a river, so multiple changes to the
radius depending where you are in the string.

Ahhh text placement. I can't wait until open source helps get digital
cartography catch up to geography.

Anyone know of any companies that would develop an open source labeling
engine under hire?


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Howdy Chris,

It's just ANGLE FOLLOW within the LABEL object.  It was added in the
4.10 release.  It doesn't seem to be perfect (on a single map image at
the street-level some labels will follow the line feature, but some
others for some reason run perpendicular to the feature)...so give it a
try and see if you like it.


Christopher Thorne wrote:
> Hello Jeff,
> You got me existed when you said "spline text". I can't help but ask 
> how is spline text represented in a mapfile then? you would not happen

> to have an example? and what version of mapserver is it in? 10.2 or
> And How good is it? :)
> Chris
> Jeff McKenna wrote:
>> I know we've been looking at the MapText stuff for years and
>> Note: MapServer now has spline text (labels follow features), I 
>> believe through a hack in the GD code.
>> jeff
>> Sampson, David wrote:
>>> Hey Folks,
>>> I'm looking for open source tools that can label maps dynamically.
>>> Examples of proprietary tools would be label EZ by Map Plex
>>> (_http://www.maptext.com/_)
>>> 1. the labels should have conflict detection to eliminate or 
>>> minimize over laps.
>>> 2. The labels need to follow features like rivers, road or contour 
>>> lines
>>> Any sugestions?
>>> The only thing I found was this one:
>>> _http://www.ads.tuwien.ac.at/research/labeling/_
>>> Cheers
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