[Ottawa_users] re: database of towers

CHURCHER.PJ at forces.gc.ca CHURCHER.PJ at forces.gc.ca
Fri Oct 3 13:30:25 EDT 2008

This isn't an an open source question as such but I'd like to tap into the geospatial knowledge of all the smart people here to see if someone can help me.

I'm looking for spatial data with regard to towers i.e. communications, microwave, TV, etc. I know some of these show up on NTS maps but I'm hoping for something complete that is kept current and would be precise at a larger scale than topo mapsheet. These towers always have flashing red lights for warning low flying aircraft. Would NAV Canada maintain this kind of information? 

Any help the group could provide will be much appreciated. 

Paul Churcher
GIS Specialist / Spécialist de SIG
Department of National Defence - DRAP 3-3-4-2
101 Colonel By Drive,
Ottawa, ON K1A 0K2

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