[pgrouting-users] pgRouting network tutorial

ahmed at elegantdesigns.ca ahmed at elegantdesigns.ca
Mon Feb 8 10:11:13 EST 2010

Hello All,

I was wondering if there is a tutorial on how to setup my road network to
be used with pgrouting.

I'm trying to get a traffic assignment implemented, and here are few of the
things I need defined in my network:
* Traffic lights (per light or system):
    * Phasing plans
    * Right and left turn penalties
    * Restrict U-turn movement/left turns/through traffic
* Driver aggressiveness in terms of vehicle headways and gap:
    * This could be zonal or per system
    * The smaller the headway per zone, the higher the road capacity
* Stop and roundabout:
    * Restrict turns / movement
* Roads and capacity:
    * Specify if roads are 1/2/3(center turning lane) directions 
    * Specify capacity per road in terms of passenger cars per lane per
    * Specify vehicle occupancy: x% heavy vehicle, y% passenger cars, z%
transit, .... etc
    * Optional:
         * Logit modeling capability in mode choice and demand

I'm not sure where to start really; I'm not a programmer by nature, so I
find handling the pgrouting and postgres a bit intimidating. My ultimate
goal would be to write a qgis /pgrouting plugin to do traffic assignment

Think of traffic assignment as an a* algorithm applied on all nodes of the
network iterated a few hundred times, until a balance of some sort is


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