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Daniel Kastl daniel.kastl at georepublic.de
Mon Feb 8 11:12:24 EST 2010

Hi Dassouki,

Maybe you want to start with the workshop:
It more or less explains the basics, but I would recommend you to start with it.

Your list of requirements is already very advanced. It would require a
very specific and extensive tutorial, which we don't have now. It
would require a lot of effort to write one, too.
So for that you had to collect the informations you need from the
forum, wiki and other sourceso or ask the mailing list, if you're
looking for gratis support.

Database routing gives you a lot of possibilities to handle
non-standard use cases, but it still depends a lot on the data
(attributes) you have available.


2010/2/9  <ahmed at elegantdesigns.ca>:
> Hello All,
> I was wondering if there is a tutorial on how to setup my road network to
> be used with pgrouting.
> I'm trying to get a traffic assignment implemented, and here are few of the
> things I need defined in my network:
> * Traffic lights (per light or system):
>    * Phasing plans
>    * Right and left turn penalties
>    * Restrict U-turn movement/left turns/through traffic
> * Driver aggressiveness in terms of vehicle headways and gap:
>    * This could be zonal or per system
>    * The smaller the headway per zone, the higher the road capacity
> * Stop and roundabout:
>    * Restrict turns / movement
> * Roads and capacity:
>    * Specify if roads are 1/2/3(center turning lane) directions
>    * Specify capacity per road in terms of passenger cars per lane per
> hour
>    * Specify vehicle occupancy: x% heavy vehicle, y% passenger cars, z%
> transit, .... etc
>    * Optional:
>         * Logit modeling capability in mode choice and demand
> I'm not sure where to start really; I'm not a programmer by nature, so I
> find handling the pgrouting and postgres a bit intimidating. My ultimate
> goal would be to write a qgis /pgrouting plugin to do traffic assignment
> modeling.
> Think of traffic assignment as an a* algorithm applied on all nodes of the
> network iterated a few hundred times, until a balance of some sort is
> achieved.
> Thanks,
> dassouki
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