[pgrouting-users] pgrouting installation

Ali Taha ali.taha at ritaj.ps
Tue Sep 13 04:39:55 EDT 2011

Dear Daniel,


I downloaded them from http://www.pgrouting.org/download.html  (windows
binaries section pgRouting-1.03_pg-8.4.2)

I have windows 7 OS





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On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:20 AM, Ali Taha <ali.taha at ritaj.ps> wrote:

Dear All,


I am trying to setup and test pgrouting, I followed the setups but it is
still not working.  If ollowed the following steps:


1-      Copay pgrouting libraries to ..\pgsql\8.4\lib


>From where did you copy them?

Did you compile? Which OS?







2-      Execute routing_core.sql and routing_core_wrappers.sql

3-      Create a newtwork:

a.       Added source and target fields

b.      Execute Execute assign_vertex_id('<table>', float tolerance,
'<geometry column', '<gid>')

c.       Added indices 

d.      Added reverse_cost column.

Then I used the following query to retrieve records:


SELECT * FROM shortest_path('

SELECT gid as id,



length::double precision as cost

FROM ways',



false, false)


the query executes without errors, but return no data. I checked the table
and the records seems OK. 

is there a way to validate the database and verify the topology? How to make
sure that the pgrouting library (dlls) are installed and working correctly?







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