[pgrouting-users] Possible to use pgrouting for "layered" data?

Gunnar Rangøy gunnar at tradlosetrondheim.no
Tue Sep 27 03:50:36 EDT 2011


I am considering to use pgrouting for routing in layered data. By layered
data i mean data that is separated in floors, which are in some points
connected via elevators/stairs between the floors.

As far as I can see, this is not directly supported. Is it done any
assumptions/choices which makes such an difficult/impossible to implement?
How well will it work to just add connections between nodes in same floor

best regards
Gunnar Rangøy

Gunnar Rangøy,
Systemutvikler / System developer,
Trådløse Trondheim / Wireless Trondheim,
(+47) 99360699
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