[pgrouting-users] Where to get the data for the Workshop?

Luís de Sousa luis.a.de.sousa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 08:14:39 PDT 2013

Hello everyone,

I'm just starting with pgRouting, following the workshop tutorial
available on line. I've installed all the required packages and
created the databases successfully, but unfortunately I'm not able to
get the data. Here's the result using the command in the workshop

$ wget --progress=dot:mega -O "sampledata.osm"
Warning: wildcards not supported in HTTP.
--2013-03-28 15:37:59--
Resolving jxapi.openstreetmap.org (jxapi.openstreetmap.org)...
Connecting to jxapi.openstreetmap.org
(jxapi.openstreetmap.org)||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 502 Proxy Error
2013-03-28 15:52:59 ERROR 502: Proxy Error.

In face of this I went to the OSM wiki to check if this address was
correct. I thus tried it the way they suggest there:

$ wget --progress=dot:mega -O "sampledata.osm"
--2013-03-28 15:55:01--
Resolving api.openstreetmap.org (api.openstreetmap.org)...,,, ...
Connecting to api.openstreetmap.org
(api.openstreetmap.org)||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 400 Bad Request
2013-03-28 15:55:01 ERROR 400: Bad Request.

Still no luck, so I tried with JOSM, as suggested in the workshop
page. Using the same bounding box I get this error:

The OSM server 'http://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/' reported a bad request.
The area you tried to download is too big or your request was too large.
Either request a smaller area or use an export file provided by the
OSM community

Apparently the API is not digesting well this bounding box. Is there
any other way I could get the data to follow on with the Workshop?

Thank you,


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